Launched in 1995 as a leading email forwarding service provider, Bigfoot Communications Ltd. emerged from a bottleneck of IT firms into a diverse powerhouse of innovative communications solutions for both small and medium businesses and its global consumers market. It is currently serving a growing subscriber base of close to 3 million, spread over 176 countries.

A bridge-builder that’s behind lasting relationships, Bigfoot’s global community is served by operations strategically located in New York, Hong Kong, Brussels and Korea. This widely distributed network lends localized services with topnotch reliability and anytime-anywhere accessibility for clients, whether they live in the U.S. or U.K., Berlin or Beijing.

Bigfoot was just between gears when the IT bubble burst in the 1990’s. While many companies ended up kicking the bucket or continued to undergo damage control, Bigfoot diversified to other web-based products and communications tools, making investments in new equipment, building infrastructures, aggressive global localization and manpower.

Today, Bigfoot Communications boasts of a suite of premier mobility tools and business solutions – from Conference Call to SMS or text messaging — utilizing the best and the latest in web-based communications technology. These new cutting-edge global communications tools integrate web-based and telephonic features, making them easy to implement, use and manage, with anytime-anywhere accessibility.

Bigfoot believes in building long-term customer relationships. We are always on our toes to provide fast, efficient and reliable round-the-clock service and support to our clients because we are committed to ensure that we meet and even exceed customer expectation.


Bigfoot takes the best technology from the Internet and conventional telecommunications to give business customers:

  • Customer Care Solutions
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Web Design
  • Personal Assistant Solutions
  • New and exciting communication tools
  • Ease of use
  • Great value
  • Highly reliable systems
  • 24×7 customer service


Bigfoot Global Solutions, Inc. Cebu
F. Ramos Street Cebu City 6000