Ambergris Solutions’ state-of-the art customer contact centers provide a full-range of low-cost, high-quality customer relationship management (CRM) and back office solutions to US-based clients in the utilities, IT, travel & hospitality, telecommunications and financial services industries.

The Ambergris “solution” is a fully-integrated multi-channel service, that encompasses voice, e-mail, fax and web-based support, and that employs cutting-edge technology via a fully-redundant, fully fibre-optical network. Because of advances in optical networking technology, and because wage rates for university-educated agents are significantly lower in the Philippines than in the US or Canada, Ambergris can offer its clients a unique value proposition: significantly lower CRM-related costs, with significant improvements in service quality. The payoff for Ambergris clients: higher profits, and more satisfied customers.


Ambergris focuses on the basics: providing transformational customer care solutions to clients in the utilities, IT, travel & hospitality, telecommunications and financial services industries.

Ambergris’ low-cost, high-quality customer care services include order tracking, account maintenance, service dispatch, customer relations, up-sell and cross-sell, as well as a full range of technical support services, from installation support to trouble shooting and usage support. As a specialist in customer care, with scalable network resources, and a buffer of ready agents, Ambergris is able to launch new programs, and scale existing programs far more rapidly than its closest competitors, in many cases in less than a month from start to finish. Ambergris’ maximum customer care ramp capacity, which currently stands at 200 agents per month, is expected to grow by an additional 100 agents per month in mid-2003. Ambergris’ rates for inbound customer care services are among the most competitive in the offshore market.

Ambergris offers select market intelligence services, including outbound B2B surveys, and a full range of high-quality, low-cost e-mail response and quality assurance services. Ambergris also assists clients as they bid to rationalize their business processes, in pursuit of cost savings, efficiency gains and profit growth. Ambergris is capable of handling a wide range of outsourced back office work, from database management, to payment and claims processing, value-added medical transcription, accounting, and financial systems management.


31/F Discovery Center
25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City 1605 Philippines
Tel: 800-306-1586; 63-2-638-9440
Fax: 866-275-5727