Agilys, Inc. provides comprehensive and innovative solutions to BPOs and Call Center staffing. We have the best tools to recruit, assess, train and retain high quality call center specialists. Composed of specialists from the same fields and backed up by 12 years of solid experience by its affiliates, Agilys aims to deliver high quality service through focused and comprehensive processes tailor-fit to BPO and Call Center requirements.

Agilys Inc. is a legitimate and professional outsourcing organization providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to BPOs and Call Center staffing. Agilys Inc. handled the recruitment and staffing requirements of these call centers and BPOs and ensured a pool of ready and qualified call center specialists. Over the years, the Company has elevated the recruitment standard for non-executive positions to a new dimension, putting premium on the quality and competitiveness of its pool of candidates. Moreover, Agilys Inc. continues to fulfill its social obligation by providing job opportunities and career advancement to numerous individuals.


By providing staffing solutions to address the current and prospective manpower requirement of Call Centers & BPOs, Agilys, Inc. offers employees and outsourcing arrangements to address the growing manpower requirements of the business. Experiencing the unparalleled success of its operations coupled with an unwavering confidence and support derived from its partners, these paved the way for the creation of a conglomerate offering diverse human resource – related services. Other companies include ACG Human Capital Solutions, an executive search company; and Global Top Inc.., handling international staffing requirements.


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